Terms & Conditions



You will receive a copy of the Coles-Medlock Foundation Grant Terms & Conditions along with your grant letter and cheque. If there are any particular requirements relating to your grant, these will be detailed in your grant letter.

Our Grant Terms & Conditions can be accessed here .



Charities must apply for grants via our website, using the online application form. Charities can only make one grant application to the Foundation within each financial year. This is irrespective of whether the grant is approved or declined. Our year end is 31st July.



In some instances the Foundation may offer a grant to be paid when specific conditions have been met, for example when your organisation has raised a certain level of funds or reached a certain point in the project. In this instance you will receive a grant approval email which will outline those conditions.

When you believe the conditions have been met, you must notify us in writing via email or post, providing the relevant information so we can send the cheque or bank transfer. Payment will only be made once the Foundation is satisfied the pledge conditions have been met.


Grant receipts:

Grant recipients must confirm receipt of the grant cheque in writing on their organisation’s formal headed paper within one month of receiving the cheque. The confirmation document can be sent as an email attachment or by post to the Coles-Medlock Foundation address.



The Foundation is generally happy for grants to be acknowledged in an appropriate manner. We appreciate that how this is done will vary with each organisation and project. If you wish to include the Foundation name and/or logo in your newsletter, annual report or on your donor board, we can provide a high resolution version of our logo upon request. Please contact our team for individual requests.



If you wish to involve the Foundation in promoting a project and our role in supporting it, please email our team. We will endeavor to support publicity and media work where possible.



We are delighted to receive invitations to events related to your charity’s work or the specific project we have supported. These should be sent to the Foundation’s office for the attention of Carol Long who will check the trustee diaries. We regret that it is not always possible to attend, however please do continue to let us know of events you are running as these help to keep us in touch with your activity.